Decipher® is a transformative genomic test that offers clarity about the course of treatment for men after prostate surgery.

Determining Patient Risk after Prostate Surgery

Almost 250,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in the US1 and every year around half of those men will choose to undergo surgery2 (radical prostatectomy) to cure their disease. After surgery up to 50%3 of men will have one or more clinical risk factors that increase the chance of metastasis. These men, according to standard-of-care guidelines, are candidates for secondary treatment such as radiation therapy.

But very few men, including those classified by current guidelines as high risk of recurrence following surgery, will experience metastasis and die of their cancer4. Secondary treatment after prostatectomy carries significant costs and risks of both short- and long-term side effects such as rectal bleeding, incontinence, and impotence, which can result in the need for additional treatment for these complications. Unfortunately, the clinical tools available today don’t tell the whole story and aren’t practical for establishing the true risk of metastasis for any individual patient. As such, the potential for suboptimal or unnecessary treatment is a significant concern for men with prostate cancer.


Decipher Prostate Cancer Classifier is validated specifically for men faced with treatment decisions after radical prostatectomy. It classifies the patient’s tumor independently of PSA rise and other adverse features. Decipher measures and analyzes the activity of 22 genetic markers expressed in the prostate cancer tumor to measure the tumor’s biological potential for metastasis after surgery. These 22 markers associated with aggressive disease were discovered from genome-wide search algorithms of more than a million markers and have been extensively validated in collaboration with leading academic medical institutions. The Decipher test provides physicians with additional information and helps them and their patients make timely and confident decisions for optimal treatment and management of prostate cancer.

Decipher® is available to US patients through their physicians and as a part of GenomeDx’s ongoing program of clinical studies. If you are a physician interested in ordering Decipher for your patients please contact us at decipher@genomedx.com

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