Our Story

GenomeDx is a genomic information company based in San Diego, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

By gleaning new insights from vast amounts of genomic data, GenomeDx is working to change the way cancer is understood by doctors and patients. Through advanced statistical techniques – and by condensing information down to simple numbers – we offer clinicians and patients the tools to make better decisions.

The story of GenomeDx began in the most unusual of places: a garbage bin. Working at a large genetic research firm, Dr. Elai Davicioni – now GenomeDx’s Chief Science Officer – was tasked with locating biomarkers within samples that would identify cancer. While some of his early experiments were successful, there was a problem: instead of finding biomarkers within proteins, he was finding them within non-coding RNA. Unsure of how to interpret these results, his boss told him to throw his experiments in the garbage. Dr. Davicioni, however, could not erase the experiments from his mind.

Dr. Davicioni soon moved to USC to complete his PhD. He studied under Dr. Tim Triche, now GenomeDx’s Chief Medical Officer, and the two men shared a deep interest in applying new medical technologies to disease treatment. Dr. Davicioni realized that, given the right technology, the analysis of non-coding RNA could revolutionize the way prostate cancer is understood and treated.

It was on this premise that GenomeDx Biosciences was formed. To realize their vision, GenomeDx partnered with leading cancer care and research organizations to develop and validate its first test: the Decipher® Prostate Cancer Classifier. Decipher is a genomic-based test for prostate cancer that provides an independent assessment of tumor aggressiveness; information distinct from that provided by Gleason score or PSA.

Through our team of world-class scientists, researchers and business professionals, GenomeDx is advancing the field of genomics by developing solutions that address real clinical questions along the continuum of cancer patient care; solutions that will change the way cancer is understood, diagnosed and managed.