GenomeDx has an efficient and growing development pipeline aimed at addressing key clinical questions in urological cancers.

We are commercializing two genomic tests for prostate cancer that provide a genomic assessment of tumor aggressiveness for individual patients: Decipher Prostate Biopsy, indicated for men with localized prostate cancer at diagnosis, and Decipher Prostate RP, indicated for men after prostate removal surgery. Physicians use these tests to stratify patients into more accurate risk groups than determined by traditional diagnostic tools and to better determine which patients may be more likely to benefit from additional treatment.

In early 2017, we launched our third urologic cancer product, Decipher Bladder, which is indicated for the management of patients diagnosed with an aggressive form of localized bladder cancer called muscle-invasive bladder cancer, or MIBC. The Decipher Bladder test classifies tumors into molecular subtypes that have distinct treatment implications as to the potential benefits of neoadjuvant chemotherapy prior to surgery.

We are committed to the efficient discovery and development of tests that will have a significant impact on clinical practice and patient care. Our comprehensive clinical program is currently made up of multiple discovery and validation studies in prostate and other urologic cancers.