Decipher Genomic Resource Information Database (GRID®)

We believe Decipher GRID is the largest clinically-annotated genomic expression database in urologic cancer.

Decipher GRID (Genomic Resource Information Database) is a large Research Use Only (*RUO) clinical-genomics database housing tumor RNA expression information from thousands of patients, capturing over 1.4 million expression markers per patient.


Decipher GRID is a genomic data sharing and collaborative research platform for oncology that is comprised of:

  • A large, fast growing tumor RNA expression database, currently focused on urologic cancers
  • A suite of secure cloud-based analytics tools for storing, accessing and querying large genomic datasets

8 years of research and development

50+ publications

1,000s of genomic expression profiles from diverse patient populations

46,000 genes and non-coding RNAs

1.4 million+ markers across the genome

This rich resource of genomic data is available when the Decipher Prostate Cancer Classifier is run for your patients. Click here to learn more about Decipher genomic solutions.

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*The additional information provided through Decipher GRID profiling should be considered research use only (RUO): it has not been clinically validated, and should not aid in clinical decision making.