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GenomeDx’s success was built through the strength of our people, collaborators and good science.

Conventional approaches to develop molecular diagnostics are limited by the number of genes or biomarkers used for the detection of disease. In other words, many genomic tests are limited because they exclude unknown biomarkers implicated in disease. In contrast, GenomeDx employs high-resolution, whole-genome activity analysis to generate a high-definition “genomic fingerprint” of every RNA transcript in a tumor sample. This is accomplished using GenomeDx’s proprietary bioinformatics platform, which processes and analyzes millions of data points from a single specimen to discern a genetic pattern of cancer.

The unparalleled amount of informative data generated by our technology attracts partnerships from leading academic centers across the globe. Close involvement of key opinion leaders has helped direct the development of tests such as Decipher® that answer the challenging clinical questions facing physicians who make treatment recommendations for patients with cancer.

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