We are focused on answering clinical questions where our tests have the potential to make a real difference in the way that treatment decisions are made. Every study starts with the question — what will this mean for physicians and their patients?



“GenomeDx is doing for precision medicine what everyone talks about but few actually do. I am pleased to see the future of medicine being built here and now.”

Timothy Triche


Clinical Operations

“Our research team’s philosophy is to do great science. We’re not just creating a commercial product: we’re improving knowledge in the field of cancer disease progression.”

Lucia Lam



“GenomeDx is a great place to work – a focused, but highly interactive environment in which to learn, propose and share ideas.”

Mohammed Alshalfala


Clinical Operations

“Working with this team is fun and inspiring – we have the opportunity to really make an impact for physicians, patients and their families”

Christine Buerki


Licensing and IP

“I’m inspired by the exceptionally talented individuals at GenomeDx who are working towards a combined goal: reducing the burden of unnecessary treatment while identifying those who truly need it.”

Hugh Wellman



“What makes this team unique is the way we tackle challenges. We think about problems differently to transform them into innovative ideas.”

Zaid Haddad



“Everyone is working towards the same goals and cares about making a positive impact on peoples’ lives. We have a great culture and big plans!”

Alex Black



“I have the opportunity to regularly collaborate with world-class physicians. This adds so much perspective and meaning to the work I do here.”

Nicholas Erho


Software Engineering

“We’re utilizing the power of leading-edge technologies to simplify complex issues. Our team is very cognizant of the obligation we have to our patients and physicians.”

Benedikt Zimmermann


Clinical Operations

“At GenomeDx, I am part of a dedicated and talented team who are working to establish the use of genomic technologies in the clinic where they can revolutionize patient care.”

Heesun Shin


Clinical Genomics Affairs

“I’m inspired by our team’s focus on the needs of patients and physicians. We strive to improve patient care.”

Jason Alter