What is the Decipher® Prostate Cancer Test?

Decipher is a transformative genomic test that informs decisions about the course of treatment for men after prostate surgery.

The Decipher test predicts the probability of metastasis after surgery and provides an independent assessment of tumor aggressiveness; information distinct from that provided by Gleason score or PSA.

Decipher has been validated in over 2,000 patients in clinical studies with key US cancer centers and centers of excellence.

To learn more, visit the official Decipher website.

How does it work?

Decipher is a genomic test, which means it evaluates the activity of genes in the tumor that are shown to be involved in the development and progression of prostate cancer.

Decipher does this by measuring the expression levels of 22 RNA biomarkers involved in multiple biological pathways across the genome that are associated with aggressive prostate cancer.

Then, the Decipher Test uses the expression of these biomarkers to calculate the probability of clinical metastasis within 5 years of radical prostatectomy surgery.
Decipher analyzes a small tissue sample that was removed during surgery and is routinely archived or stored by the pathology laboratory. No additional procedures are required to order the Decipher Test.