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Happy Family Store is a pharmacy whose mission is to provide affordable, high-quality medications for every client.

Company Advantages

what is happy family storeInterestingly that this portal is not actually a digital chemists shop but a health and care hub that accumulates the best drug offers from the entire Internet and presents them in a single user-friendly environment, allowing customers to compare generic drugs prices from different pharmacies and grab the best deals, thus saving tens, if not to say, hundreds of hard-earned dollars. In a nutshell, the website creates a meaningful connection between a drug merchant and a drug hunter. What is more, the platform acts as an education center, providing buyers with essential and curious information about popular drugs, frequent diseases, alternative treatments, and giving expert commentaries, raising your level of pharmaceutical competence. For complete information about the company, visit their website www.trendydrugs.org, where you will find their history, product catalog, and contact details.

What assortment do they offer?

As for the drug inventory, it is extensive. NO. It is EXTENSIVE. Actually, you can find a generic remedy for virtually any health condition, from lifestyle pills (generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra), herbal supplements, and vitamins to skin care solutions. Their drug listings are so huge that it is recommended to use the search tool to find a treatment you are interested in.

There is a good reason why Happy Family Store decided to sell primarily generic modifications of brand-name drugs. The matter is generic medications are very cheap in contrast to originals but their effectiveness is as high as in the branded pharmaceuticals.

Special offers

Obviously, Happy Family Store wants to knock the rivals down with their astonishing discounts and pleasant bonuses! Attracting new and retaining existing clients are what this pharmacy is really good at. Apart from bargain drug prices, they introduce special offers on a regular basis. They post coupons and promo codes on their website and also send them via email to all who are subscribed to their newsletter, thus increasing your chances to catch a really tempting drug offer and stay in benefit. Solid discounts and free shipping are also meant for big orders.

If you are lazy to subscribe or browse their website frequently, you still can save much on your drug purchases from HFS. In what way you wonder? Just by asking them directly to make you a discount. You can either go to their Help Center page or fill in the contact form begging them to reduce a value of your order, and rest assured you will be heard.

Shipping policy

Regular e-shoppers got used to the idea that the delivery usually takes long weeks or even months. But it is not the case with HFS because this pharmacy knows: when it comes to getting remedies, not a day can be lost. That is why the drugstore does its best to reduce the time of delivery. Involving Regular Airmail and Express Courier as the main shipping options, the company promises that you will receive your meds not later than in 8-14 days.

If you want, you can cover small orders (under $200) with delivery insurance to have peace of mind in a case of a failed delivery. Bigger offers (over $200) are insured by HFS itself with no extra fees of you.

What do customers say?

According to dozens of customers’ reviews, people are very happy with having a website through which, everyone can order generic drugs at a pleasant price. There is hardly any negative comment observable. Evidently, customers love the way how Happy Family Store is working in the market, otherwise, the service would not earn its five-star reputation. The most remarkable advantages include a quick delivery and much lower prices in comparison to offline drugstores.

People also point that their customer support is awesome: whatever time, day or problem, consultants are always online to guide you through the whole buying process and answer questions. Yes, some customers report that there are sometimes issues with payment, delivery, and drugs availability, but their technical support is quickly responsive and can address any bottleneck.

Other Internet surfers do not use the website of HFS to obtain drugs but rather to learn something new about illnesses, drugs, and latest pharmaceutical discoveries. Such group of people also expresses their thanks for giving them such a great opportunity, absolutely for free. Learning something new is always a fun.

At last, there are customers who confess that they do not buy much through the HFS but wait for an email alerting about hot offers and discounts. Only after that, they continue with drug e-shopping purchasing popular meds at rock-bottom prices.

Based on this feedback, it is evident that HFS offers high rate services and products to the customers, which makes it a trusted online drugstore for buying low-priced generic and brand-name medications.


It cannot be all absolutely good and flawless, though. Even such a pharmaceutical whale as Happy Family Store has its drawback. For instance, they could enlarge their good listings with pet products and professional beauty aids or have an international hotline to immediately help customers from different parts of the world. It can’t hurt to improve the website’s functionality like adding a cart or a wishlist features or developing an own mobile app to stay in touch with customers on the go. So there is always room for improvement. But despite everything, HFS is a recommended source of obtaining top-quality medicines at lower prices.

Common Questions

Isn’t it a waste of time for your team to answer questions about their work?

It’s not considered a waste of time for the team to respond to inquiries about their work. The pharmacy prioritizes a personal approach and communication with clients, placing anyone interested in their pharmaceutical services first.

So, it means that you’re ready to provide medical consultations, right?

The pharmacy is indeed prepared to offer medical consultations. Through individual online conversations, including video chats, the aim is to prevent any misunderstandings. If a client’s health issues are manageable, a medical specialist from the team can assist in selecting an appropriate treatment course.

Is it easy to get the prescription and why does it take so much time to be prepared?

Getting a prescription is straightforward if one already exists from a physician. Once the prescription details are shared with the pharmacy, the medication is promptly prepared for dispatch. However, new clients undergo a thorough verification process to ensure the prescribed medications align with their current health status, which can take some time.

What about automatic refills and regular notifications?

The pharmacy offers automatic refills and regular notifications. Subscribing to the newsletter service is recommended for updates on medication courses, which is particularly beneficial for those undergoing complex treatments. Automatic refills provide a cost-effective and convenient way to ensure medications are consistently available.

What do you do if a client rejects to answer questions about his existing medical conditions?

If a client is reluctant to discuss their medical conditions, the pharmacy may refuse to sell medication to them. Direct contact and personal questions are avoided unless the medication in question is potent and could lead to severe effects. In such cases, discussions about the client’s intentions and health conditions are initiated to ensure safety.

Does a pharmacist have a right to contact the physician of the client?

Pharmacists at the pharmacy have the right to contact a client’s physician if there’s any concern about the safety of prescribed drugs. This practice is in line with healthcare regulations that prioritize patient safety and ensure the appropriate use of medication.

Is it safe to share personal data about health indicators and existing conditions with you? Do you protect your clients’ privacy?

Regarding data privacy, the pharmacy uses SSL protocols to secure online transactions and communications. This measure protects clients’ personal and financial information, ensuring their privacy is upheld.

What is the difference between the original meds and their generic copies? Are they safe?

The difference between original medications and their generic counterparts lies mainly in cost. Generics, manufactured with the same active ingredients as brand-name drugs, offer the same effectiveness at a lower price. They might come in different shapes, colors, or dosages but are equally effective.

Is running the website hard?

As hard as running a regular drugstore. It’s even trickier. We have to involve many specialists in the team. They are skilled, professional pharmacists, multidisciplinary medical staff, and IT specialists. We have to do our best to promote security, anonymity, and safety. Running a website is not hard when pros guide the process in Information Technologies. Nevertheless, even our medical specialists get through regular training courses and programs to become more tech proficient.

What delivery methods do you offer?

Delivery options include regular airmail and express courier, with discreet packaging to maintain privacy. Free delivery is available for orders over $150, with additional support for customers in remote areas.