GenomeDx Biosciences to Present at 2015 Wedbush PacGrow Healthcare Conference

San Diego, August 5, 2015 — GenomeDx Biosciences announced that it will present at the Wedbush PacGrow Healthcare Conference at 9:45 a.m. ET on Wednesday, August 12, in New York. Dave Matthews, CFO of GenomeDx, will provide an update about the company’s Decipher® test and an overview of the Company’s pipeline.

About Decipher®

The Decipher® Prostate Cancer Classifier is a highly validated and commercially available genomic test for men with intermediate and high risk prostate cancer. Decipher predicts cancer aggressiveness by looking for a unique genomic signature comprised of a validated series of biomarkers associated with metastatic disease. Adding truly unique information to the treatment decision-making process, Decipher generates a risk result that is completely independent and distinct from PSA, Gleason score and other clinical risk factors. Clinical studies from leading cancer centers published in over a dozen medical journals demonstrate that Decipher can accurately predict metastatic disease, which men may benefit from radiation therapy following prostate surgery, and can lead to significant cost-savings for healthcare systems. Decipher was developed in partnership with the Mayo Clinic.

Decipher is covered by Medicare and multiple private insurance plans in the US.

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About GenomeDx Biosciences

GenomeDx Biosciences is focused on transforming cancer patient care by putting usable genomic information in the hands of patients and their physicians. GenomeDx is developing and commercializing Decipher®, a highly validated genomic test for predicting metastatic disease in men with prostate cancer. In partnership with leading medical centers, the company has assembled the largest genomic catalogue of prostate cancer tumors in the world, representing billions of data points and more than 20 years of prostate cancer research expertise. Using advanced cloud-based bioinformatics, GenomeDx mines the genomic data to develop proprietary tests that address key clinical questions in cancer patient management. GenomeDx has partnered to share genomic data with leading clinician-scientists worldwide to collaboratively enrich the knowledge and understanding of urologic cancers for the goal of improving global cancer patient care. GenomeDx is based in San Diego, California and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Complementing the specificity of the Decipher test is the Decipher Genomic Research Information Database (GRID); the world’s largest accessible, urologic cancer genomic expression database formed from more than eight years of global research with thousands of patients studied on the Decipher test platform. Through partnerships with major cancer centers to develop clinical genomic registries, GenomeDx is rapidly expanding Decipher GRID. The development of this large and growing knowledge base serves as a hub to drive R&D and unlock new insights into the biology urologic cancers. Learn more at:

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