GenomeDx and Bostwick Laboratories Announce Marketing Agreement for Decipher Prostate Cancer Classifier Test

San Diego, CA, Uniondale, NY, October 4, 2016 – GenomeDx Biosciences and Bostwick Laboratories, Inc. today announced that Bostwick has entered into a marketing partnership agreement with GenomeDx, provider of the genomic Decipher® Prostate Cancer Classifier tests for men diagnosed with localized prostate cancer.

Bostwick Laboratories is a national, full-service laboratory specializing in uropathology, and is a leading resource for prostate and urologic biopsies. Under the agreement, Bostwick will offer Decipher Biopsy on their requisition forms, allowing for electronic ordering of the test and allowing their extensive customer base the ability to easily access Decipher.

“Bostwick Laboratories is a recognized leader in urologic anatomic pathology services, and has a mission to help physicians and patients make the most informed healthcare decisions,” said Doug Dolginow, M.D., chief executive officer of GenomeDx. “Its national reach and strong reputation makes Bostwick an ideal partner for GenomeDx to further expand the commercial momentum of Decipher. This agreement will provide physicians with easier access to our test and offer prostate cancer patients access to valuable insight offered through genomic testing.”

“This agreement allows us to deepen our partnership with GenomeDx and add Decipher Biopsy to our portfolio of testing services,” stated David Bostwick, M.D., chief executive officer of Bostwick Laboratories. “We are committed to consistently providing new testing to enhance patient care and help physicians make better treatment decisions and we believe the Decipher Biopsy test delivers on that promise.”

About Bostwick Laboratories

Bostwick Laboratories provides anatomic pathology laboratory services specializing in the monitoring and diagnosis of cancer. Bostwick Laboratories is a leader in urologic pathology with expertise and a growing presence in the women’s health, dermatology, gastroenterology and nephrology sectors of the anatomic pathology market. Bostwick Laboratories and its staff of board-certified, internationally recognized pathologists provide definitive diagnoses and the most technologically advanced testing available to help physicians and patients choose the best course of treatment.

About Decipher® Prostate Cancer Classifier Tests

Our Decipher Prostate Cancer Classifier tests currently include Decipher Biopsy and Decipher Post-Op. These commercially available genomic tests provide an assessment of tumor aggressiveness based on the patient’s unique genomic profile. Decipher Biopsy is indicated for men with localized prostate cancer after biopsy diagnosis and Decipher Post-Op is indicated for men after prostate removal surgery. The Decipher tests are used by physicians to stratify patients into more accurate risk groups to better determine which patients will likely benefit from additional treatment and which will not, thereby enabling improved decision-making and helping low-risk patients avoid unnecessary treatments that have serious adverse side effects and result in unnecessary costs to the healthcare system. Studies of thousands of patients from leading cancer centers, published in multiple peer-reviewed journals, demonstrate that the Decipher tests can more accurately predict disease aggressiveness than traditional clinical measures, such as PSA and Gleason score. Decipher Post-Op is covered by Medicare and by a number of private payors and preferred provider organizations representing, together with Medicare, about 70% of the approximately 66 million adult men in the United States age 40 or older who are at increased risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

About Decipher GRID®

Our Decipher Genomics Resource Information Database (Decipher GRID) is a genomic expression database that provides a foundation for open and interactive research collaboration and knowledge creation. Decipher GRID is a rapidly growing database that contains genomic profiles of thousands of patient tumors, and constitutes what we believe to be the world’s largest shared, clinically-annotated genomic expression database in urologic cancer as well as one of the world’s largest global RNA expression databases utilizing cloud-based analytics. We believe Decipher GRID gives rise to new opportunities for information technology-enabled genomic solutions and enables us to more rapidly discover, develop, commercialize and drive the adoption of our existing and new genomic tests. Through Decipher GRID, GenomeDx is building a suite of genomic tests in urologic cancer that we believe will allow us to achieve our goals of reducing costs to the healthcare system and improving patient lives, from screening through late-stage therapy.

About GenomeDx Biosciences

GenomeDx Biosciences uses the power of collaborative genomics to transform the management and treatment of cancer patients. GenomeDx has built Decipher GRID, a large genomics database in urologic cancer that provides a foundation for open and interactive research collaboration and knowledge creation. Using Decipher GRID to analyze vast amounts of genomic data, GenomeDx develops and commercializes proprietary clinical tests that are intended to provide more accurate and useful diagnostic information than both traditional diagnostic tools and existing genomic tests. GenomeDx’s Decipher Biopsy and Decipher Post-Op are commercially available prostate cancer genomic tests that provide an assessment of tumor aggressiveness based on a patient’s unique genomic profile. GenomeDx is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia and has offices in San Diego, California.

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